January 29, 2011

Week 2 : I AM

Green, blue, yellow and red,

Blend me on your palette.

Expressionist medleys of inspiring silence,

Eclectic voices of creative tempest.

An idea. A thought. Love.

Often flying and never staying.

I am youth in my years,

A restless adventurer on an expedition,

In times of frenetic globalization.

The different in the common, and

Of course, the common in the different.

I am wisdom in my failures,

Caught in contradiction,

The challenge in persuing my dream,

The artistic soul of a rebel,

The one who smiles and says “no”.

I am the stage of my World,

Reason in innocent, childish words

who are the characters of my plot.

I am the canvas of my paintings,

Open Windows to my mind.

Art is my way,

Poetry, I am.

- Isabel Meine F. Vigil

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!! ^^ I AM... already looking forward to seeing the third one!!!! <3

  2. Hey Izzy, das ist Klasse! Gedicht und Bilder, einfach gro├čartig!!!