February 27, 2011

Week 5 : A Street Collage

Feet, steps, haste
Voices, laughter, ‘excuse me, please’
Running, stopping, running
beep, open, beep, beep, repeat.

Hours seem long, the days are short
Suddenly sitting, resting, wait, was there a sound?
Lunch break. A sigh. Silence.
Refreshing, green lungs,
breathing slowly, everlasting patience

Through endless, flowing, streams of wheels,
writings on the walls keep chatting;
calling for eyes to see and mouths to reply.
The humming sound of manhood
composing its song with mastery.

Sketches of ever-changing places,
where thoughts are born to be great,
dreams build with every minute,
while others just remain a myth.

Relations exist for brief moments only
and peace has many faces.
That singer in the corner,
with his guitar case open,
whistles the lyrics to the symphony of the street.