March 28, 2011

Week 8 : From Me To You

Sadness is nothing
but the fear of not feeling loved
Frustrating it is not to receive
adoration from no-one at all
Painful to try in vain
for our virtues be admired by them.

Love, it is that gift
to experiment in many ways
It is never the same;
simple and queer
lacking and abundant
What you long to have and miss
for it never seems enough.

The one that's hardest to find
is the one closest to us
The best you will ever have
the one that follows our path
and will guide our way,
it is the love for ourselves.

- Isabel Meine F. Vigil

This video is dedicated to everybody who has had a bad day, a bad week or even a bad year sometime. Sometimes it's all about stopping for a moment and reconnect with ourselves again.
A big thank you to everybody following my project! I hope you continue to enjoy my videos, your comments mean the world to me.


  1. LOVE IT!!!! specially the ending, and the message behind... in the name of everybody who has gone through bad times (so...every person in the world :P), thank you Izzy :) That was a sweet way to remind us that, no matter what, we are beautiful.

  2. love love love it.. i cant believe the magic :) you have such visions in your work and i love watching it all come together

  3. love t .... good luck izzy missing u A big hug from Jordan :*
    wasan haddad

  4. Izzy, das ist eine sehr komlizierte Angelegenheit, die du hier gewählt hast. Sie betrifft wohl jeden Menschen, wenn auch in unterschiedlichem Ausmaß. Sich selbst zu lieben, zu akzeptieren und zu respektieren fällt uns schwer, weil wir vorwiegend die Befürchtung haben, wir dürften uns nicht selbst lieben. An uns gestellte (oder von uns so empfundene)Erwartungen behindern dies.
    Dein Gedicht und deine Verbildlichung machen das sehr schön deutlich.
    Mach weiter! Ich freue mich schon auf die nächste Woche!!

  5. fascinating and impressive! Like the idea that everything commences with accepting and then loving oneself.
    please continue!

  6. I really love this film Isabelle, stunning!

  7. I think you have an amazing strength to be honest in the expression of your experience - this will surely drive you on through the many ideas you explore in your film-making. I for one am thrilled to share in your brave visual adventures and poetry- thankyou!